Gelatin and collagen

Since September 2016, company Gerber MD d.o.o. was added to the register of approvals storage activities of raw leather for the production of gelatine and collagen intended for human consumption.

The expert committee for approval of collection centers - facilities for storing food under controlled temperature conditions at the site Ive  Politea 66, 10361 Sesvetski Kraljevec business operator with food of animal origin GERBER MD doo, III. Struge 6G, Zagreb OIB: 80377517373 determine the following:
Based on the examination of infrastructure and equipment, the study HACCAP, as well as all the submitted documents and records kept in the house, and on the basis of Article 28, paragraph 7. Ordinance on the registration of the subject and the registration and approval of the facility in the food business object (NN85 / 2015) and on the basis of Article 31, paragraph 2 d) of Regulation 882/2004 meet the requirements of Chapter I, Section XIV. Regulation 853/2004 requires that the facility GERBER MD doo VKB: 3401 Ltd. at've Politea 66, 10361 Sesvetski Kraljevec OIB 80377517373 issued PERMANENT activity has been approved storage of food of animal origin under controlled temperature conditions.

The leather that is processed for human consumption is stored  in special storage under controlled temperature (cooling system). In the warehouse, the sole leather obtained exclusively in Croatian slaughterhouses and which have been found to meet all the conditions of the HACCP.

Leather is delivered to the warehouse, conserve, characterize and on the basis of traceability keep special documentation that accompanies each leather from the farmer then suppliers and  all the way to the end customer in terms of the traceability of the leather and its health safety.